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Shampoo and Conditioner Personalized for You | Formulate

Shampoo and Conditioner Personalized for You | Formulate

For as long as I can remember, finding a shampoo/conditioner that provided me with volume and fullness has always been a constant struggle. So when Caroline at Formulate contacted me about testing out their customized shampoo/conditioner, I was excited to hear about the concept. I am super picky about what products I put in my hair, so I like to read customer reviews and find out as much info as possible before committing to using a product. Their website alone provided a lot of helpful information about the company and also some helpful customer reviews as well!

About Formulate

Formulate is a personal hair care brand that is tailored to your personal hair preferences and needs. They will use information from a quiz that you take about your hair and curate a formula specifically for you and your needs. Their product is cruelty free, paraben free, preservative free, sulfate free, and dye free!

How it Works

You start off by taking a quiz that asks you a series of questions on topics such as texture, color, moisture, scalp sensitivity, styling routines, and then they also ask you what your hair goals are. For my goales, I selected Volumize, Thermal Protection, Color Protection, Glossy Hair, and Prevent Thinning. The process is super fun, easy, and simple. As far as turn around time, I was able to get my products within just a short 3 days from taking the quiz.

My Experience

Let me first of all say that I am a complete sucker for packaging, and their packaging was super fun when it came in the mail! The shampoo/conditioner itself comes in cute black and white hexagonal bottles! Immediately after you open the package, there is a card with your name on it and a summary of your quiz results/goals – this was super helpful because honestly by the time I got the package in the mail I completely forgot what I even answered in the quiz (face palm, lol). The card also provided you with information on all the ingredients that could be found in your shampoo/conditioner products so you know exactly what you are putting in your hair!

I will be honest with you but the first week I started using the product, my hair felt super tangly and greasy at first. I brought up these concerns to Caroline, and she offered to create a new formula to send out because she said it typically takes one or two formulations to get it right. I decided to wait it out a couple of weeks before I switched up my formula, and I was super happy that I waited because I have been super happy with my results!

To give you some insight, I typically wash/shampoo my hair every day and condition every other day which a lot of the time dries my scalp out and after using the product for the last 3 weeks I can tell that there was a change in the moisture it provided for my scalp. One of the biggest differences I noticed in my hair was the fullness/volume after blow drying my hair! I used to have to apply a lot of product after blow dries, but now I can just blow dry my hair and be out the door with the fullness/volume that I want! My hair also seemed to be a lot more shiny/glossy after using the product for 3 weeks now!

Overall, I have been extremely happy with my experience with Formulate so far, and excited to look back on my progress/results once I am finished with my first bottles!


I told Formulate that I wanted to wait to announce a Giveaway until I felt like I have tested the product long enough to recommend to my followers, that said I am super happy with my products so far and would love to give you all an opportunity to win your own personalized shampoo and conditioner set! All you have to do is follow this link and click on the “enter my giveaway” button to be entered for a chance to win! You also automatically receive a $5 credit by entering the giveaway!



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